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I don’t play them often as most were compilations anyway and there is practically nothing on them that I don’t have either in CD, mp3 or mp4 form. I have one tape that I still want to digitize but there will be enough work involved that it will require that I get a round tuit. Both were done in a radio program format complete with ads. Oh, I have all the music from other sources, but these discs have the flavor of an actual broadcast. They were produced on CDs later but much material was deleted in order to put more years of music into the mix. Trouble is, I recorded them onto a cassette during my flirtation with double-ended dbx noise reduction so, in order to retrieve them, I have to dig out the decoder and hope it still works. The last time I used the Nak was a couple of years ago when I transferred a friend’s cassette of his bluegrass band, the Smoky Mountain Travelers, to CD for him since his new car had no cassette player in it.

Making GT-R Dreams Come True

To keep the crew and the computers alive you have to shield them from both gamma rays and pions. As far as the crew is concerned both reaction products come under the heading of “deadly radiation. Given an absorbing propellant or radiation shield of a specific density you can figure the thickness that will stop all the pions. This is the pion’s “range” through that material.

In table the columns under the yellow bar show how many centimeters the “range” of the given stopping material is required to absorb MeV of pion energy.

Since , Classic 45s has been dedicated to finding and stocking the best of the best within the huge universe of Rock ‘n’ Soul 45 records. We continually prowl the U.S. looking for new, unplayed old stock of the greatest records released since on 45 rpm vinyl — both originals and quality reissues.

But according to an account in Elizabeth Rosenthal’s book His Song: The Musical Journey of Elton John, the song was inspired by Taupin’s sighting of either a shooting star or a distant aeroplane. The song describes a Mars -bound astronaut ‘s mixed feelings at leaving his family in order to do his job. Rosenthal’s account goes on to relate that the notion of astronauts no longer being perceived as heroes, but in fact as an “everyday occupation”, led Taupin to the song’s opening lines: And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then.

It is also known for being the first song in John’s catalog to feature what would become the signature backing vocal combination of his band at the time, Dee Murray , Nigel Olsson and Davey Johnstone.


But when Walston returned home from touring in and began contemplating his next move, he no longer felt the same connection to that classic-rock sound. I want to be part of living music in this moment. Do albums matter anymore? But I was just outside that line of desperation. Looking back on the tour cycle for Essential Tremors, Walston can only chuckle. Of course, not many bands experience the sort of growth in prominence and audience size that Walston and his compatriots have witnessed in the past several years.

ELTON JOHN A Single Man LP Vinyl Record Album 33rpm Rocket £ ELTON JOHN Honky Chateau Vinyl Record LP DJM £ ELTON JOHN Ice On Fire LP Vinyl Record Album 33rpm Rocket £ ELTON JOHN Part Time Love 7″ Single Vinyl Record 45rpm French Rocket .

More About Vinyl Jukeboxes Coin operated jukeboxes have been around as early as the s, playing only a single track. They became popular after the invention of the multitrack jukebox in and reached a peak in popularity in the s and s with the rise of Rock and Roll. Cafes, bars and clubs would be filled with music hungry crowds if they bought in the right model jukebox and the right selection of songs for it.

This triggered a competition between jukebox manufacturers, leading them to modify such aspects as the record selector, backlighting, the colour and shape of lights, eye-catching bubble tubes and shiny chrome grills. Vinyl Countdown Jukeboxes fell out of fashion in the 60s, and became a collector and enthusiasts market. But these nostalgia inducing beauties are now enjoying a revival due to the rise of popular interest in vintage products and a renewed interest in vinyl records.

Whether you are looking for a new or vintage vinyl jukebox, you will be sure to find the design and sound of these fantastic machines will be the talking point of any room. We hold a range of jukeboxes from the s and 50s and only obtain classic models in their prime. Many of our vintage examples are carefully restored by specialists in the field to ensure the best possible condition for their age.

For ease of use and maximum enjoyment, our vintage jukeboxes are set to freeplay, also keeping in mind that most of the coins originally used for these mechanisms will most likely be out of circulation or foreign.


Just what ya needed to get ya in the mood for some tasty vittles. Don’t sleep on purchasing advance tickets to the show you want to see! The concert was organized by jazz producer and impresario Alan Bates to the great delight of European audiences who had long wanted to see Wes perform live, but his severe fear of flying had kept him in the states. Featuring an all-star band with pianist Harold Mabern, bassist Arthur Harper and drummer Jimmy Lovelace, with special guest tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin, the deluxe 2CD set includes an extensive page booklet with archival photos, plus essays and interviews with pianist Harold Mabern, renowned guitarist Russell Malone and more.

Apr 11,  · Label: Rocket Recordings. EDIT: The splatters went within minutes, but there are 3 other colorways of each available via indie retailers. to Let it Burn when it is released as a ltd edition 7” single on 25 May. Somnium // Limited to Clear Blue Vinyl LPs Man, I’m stoked to hear this record. No vocals, less.

Mon, 9 Dec The “Rocket Man” single–some opinions and suppositions Dan King is of the opinion that Kate’s recording of “Rocket Man” is “danceable”, “light” and “fun”, and that the cover photo of Kate is therefore inappropriate because she looks “old” and “sad”. This opinion is remarkable to IED because it is in complete contrast to his own. In IED’s view Kate’s version of “Rocket Man”, in large part because of its lilting but sporadic reggae-cum-Celtic folk sections and Kate’s final, wordless minute of vocals, seemed at first listen as much as at the tenth extraordinarily poignant and sad–an extremely sophisticated and eloquent expression of the song’s tragic subject.

By contrast, in IED’s opinion, the photograph of Kate which Mercury Records put on the single’s cover was a bit too cheerful for the tone of Kate’s “Rocket Man”–let alone the even more starkly haunting “Candle in the Wind”. Still, even there IED agrees with Richard Caley that the shots there are actually two are wonderful–they certainly don’t make Kate appear “old” to this fan. The photo session took place more than two years ago, and the shots are already very familiar to fans.

Then, when Mercury decided to release the song as a single, they opted perhaps because Kate would or could not provide further artwork on short notice? Has anyone else noticed that the typographical error of “Villean” for “Uillean” pipes in the credits for “Rocket Man” has been corrected–without doubt at Kate’s request–on the outer, poster-sleeve of the seven-inch single?

The error remains on the single’s normal inside sleeve, which we may assume was printed earlier. Does this correction after the fact not suggest that Mercury probably did not invite Kate to review the cover art before the design went to the presses; but that they made the correction after Kate herself saw it in the first pressings that went on sale last month?

Elton John – A Single Man MCA Records Vinyl LP NM [Expired]

This requirement called for long battery life, high storage to accommodate up to p video, and a lightweight processor, allowing the rocket to be robust and reliable while in flight. Unsurprisingly, James decided to use the Raspberry Pi for his build, settling for the model B. Not only did this lessen the weight of the Pi, but these modifications also lowered the power needed to run the setup, thus decreasing the size of battery needed.

This shrunken unit, completed with the addition of a Pi camera, meant the Pi could run for hours with the recording quality lowered to p60 and no audio captured. Sadly, the first launch had its issues: This clip comes with a motion sickness warning!

The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion mesh jacket is a summer motorcycle riding jacket that has the ability to work in the rain, as well as in lower temperatures.

Interpret this as you will, but at least in the course of my own life this is one rule I have tried to stick to. I give people the benefit of the doubt, and I never judge based on appearances or hearsay. It may be because of cars at the end of the day, but these people always bring their personal stories to the table — how they have come to own and build a specific car, or what has led them to be in the position they are in.

Looking at these images from Larry, many people will just assume that David is a rich guy who has dumped a ton of money into his car. Because as we all know, owning and tuning a new-gen R35 can be a rather expensive hobby — a proverbial money pit if you will. But in fact, David has worked very hard to get his hands on — and modify — his GT-R dream machine. It was about a year ago that he finally managed to get his hands on one, and the need to turn it into something totally unique to him began straight away.

A set of wheels, adjustable suspension and a few carbon accents for the exterior did the job at the beginning, but then the bug really bit hard. He wanted to go wilder, but at the same time not follow what others were already doing with the R David did initially look at the Liberty Walk Works conversion, but felt it made the car look too bulbous. Seeing how the kit had a more performance-oriented style and almost mimicked the lines of his favorite R35 — the GT3 race car version of the car — David knew then and there that he had to have it.

Like all the cars he has owned in the past, all the work was carried out by himself at home, including the cutting of the fenders and screwing on of the two-piece front and rear overfenders. Along with the Rocket Bunny front bumper with built-in LED daytime running lights, David wanted to give the front end a more menacing look.

RECORD STORE DAY 2016 – 4/16/2016

Adam’s Used Records Emporium Last updated on January 25th, If you are interested in any of these albums please copy and paste the listings into an e-mail, send them to me at this address adam usedrecordsandmore. I prefer on-line payment through PayPal but I also accept money orders and personal checks. Please do not hesitate to e-mail with any inquiry – I am happy to answer any question relating to my sales policies or give detailed information about any product that is listed on this site.

Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) – PVC has a density of kg / m 3, The disadvantage of the single port configuration however, is that it generally requires long length to diameter ratios compared to a multi-port configuration. Hybrid Rocket Science, Hybrid Rocket Help Clinic, Amateur Hybrid Motors, Amateur Liquid Rockets, Guidance.

Gift Certificates are available if you’re running out of time. Check the list of our currently needed HERE. Sparrow Sparrow Micro-site is now online. We have re-engineered our exclusive design that offers you the best of both worlds Slick solo looks and passenger capability with a flip of the wrist. Convenient and easy to use, this seat design features an all new hinge mechanism that secures the passenger fold down backrest in either position effortlessly.

Just fold it up or down and you’re ready to roll in style.

Making GT-R Dreams Come True

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Be the first to the know! And thanks for all your love and support. Experience over 40 LIVE performances with the bands that rocked your world and your heart and over 20 celebrity interactive events while we sail to beautiful ports of Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Sail with 2, other devoted ’70s music fans just like you for this ultimate ’70s reunion and buckle up for five nights at sea as we celebrate the era that made you feel so good.

Mar 27,  · Over the past three years, Third Man has pressed 7-inch vinyl singles for a truly bizarre range of artists, including Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, Tom Jones, and the Insane Clown Posse. Colbert got a custom red, white and blue tri-color, naturally.

Loot Crate , a subscription service offering a box of assorted genre and video game-related merchandise, delivered monthly to customers’ homes. Loot Crate started deliveries last fall, and a month ago reported to have reached , subscribers ; its website states the number has now grown to , While comics-related material has been an occasional part of past shipments — past deliveries have included a Superman POP! Studios’ “Bravest Warriors” 1, “Rocket Raccoon” 1 is the first physical comic to be included in the service.

Though clearly catered to an audience that enjoys the geekier side of pop culture, including “Rocket Raccoon” 1 in more than , Loot Crate shipments positions the comic to be seen by customers outside of the traditional comic book-buying audience. Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen’s creation first appeared in , and has reached unprecedented levels of attention due to the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” film, where the character will be voiced by Bradley Cooper.

The number places it as the second-highest single issue in estimated sales of thus far — after April’s K-plus “Amazing Spider-Man” 1 — and one of the most successful single issues in recent years, according to Diamond’s charts. Even removing Loot Crate’s approximately K subscribers from that total, it’s an impressive number for a debuting series in , especially one starring a character long considered to be obscure, and something of a joke. There’s a character that people want to know more about, and we have the perfect creator to tell that story.

Someone that’s got heat. When you put the two together, you get more than the sum of their parts.

Top 100 psychedelic songs

Rocket Man is excellent — very groovy stuff! After paying tribute to Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan on other LPs, Hugo Montenegro turns his talents to the groovy compositions of Elton John in this nice album of moogy instrumentals — a set that’s got some upbeat material that almost hits a funky club style — graced with loads of work on Arp by John Montenegro! The tune are all big ones by Elton, mostly — and the presentation here is pretty cool, with a very different vibe than the big hits.

Mammy Blue is funky moogy material from Hugo Montenegro, recorded during the time when he was making the shift from crime jazz and vocal themes to more electronic stuff with a 70s groove! The record’s got some very nice Arp on it in parts, and even though the tracks are mostly pop ones, they’re given the usual Montenegro twist, and have a nice nutty edge. If there is significant divergence from the condition of the vinyl, or specific flaws, these will be noted in the comments section of the item.

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Also you’d have to swap it or find one that’s been swapped as they weren’t sold that way in the US. It’s a lot of weight and the auto does a lot to mask the fact that the engine works pretty hard to get it moving. But other than that it’s a great choice as long as your kids aren’t tall. It isn’t too hard to find 80s with factory lockers, bit it is getting harder to find them in good interior condition.

The leaf springs just won’t be as good. The 60 has a lot of “cool” factor though. The automatic trans in the 80 is super strong and reliable. Having wheeled for 30 years no with manual and auto transmissions, I’m a total convert to the auto trans. Way more pros than cons to the auto IMO.

Color Collection: Behind Music Fans’ Growing Obsession with Colored Vinyl

There is no use describing eir career or the trials and tribulations that marked the music or the style that created the music. The disc is the only legitimate place to get this video. The aforementioned completists will already have all of the album tracks from the original albums, but the live footage is something that is considerably harder to find.

Oct 13,  · As a bonus for collectors, the first pressing vinyl copies of The Story So Far feature an exclusive 7″ single of “Personal Jesus” and “We All Need Christmas.” The pre-order unlocks an instant grat download of “Personal Jesus.”.

Contact Us A Free Seat? Check the list of our currently needed HERE. Sparrow Sparrow Micro-site is now online. We’ve had a lot of requests for a Rocket III fairing with a more traditional look. The result of that is the Fleetliner fairing you see above. Designed to fit all Rocket III models and provide excellent wind protection and an old school look. Comes prepainted and color matched to your Triumph paint so it’s ready for immediate installation. Subtle details like the center rib and sculpted line of the wings add to the visual appeal.

Crafted to work with the air flow to provide more stability to the front end while relieving rider fatigue. Another example of form and function expertly combined in Corbin fashion.

Elton John – Rocket Man (Vinyl)

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