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We can always go to Corinthians in the Bible which states that love is kind, patient, etc. I am in love with a wonderful Haitian man. At one point, I did believe it for a moment and I started to date men outside of my community. I had to revert back to my cultural background. Why I had to go back to my culture I had a difficult time connecting with men from other cultural backgrounds. I was made to feel that I had to put on a show to ensure that I was not coming across as the stereotypical black woman who is always angry at the world. Yet, this Haitian brother brought out the real me. I was goofy, nerdy, smiley, and most importantly I was being myself. I was like world, hear me roar! I was all about the ultimate feminine movement, yet this fine man came into my life when I was now realizing that my career goals were not enough for me.

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In many Western cultures people avoid talking or even thinking about death. Conversely, Latin Americans seem to embrace death. They may fear death but it is not ignored as a distasteful subject. The Mexican, in contrast, is familiar with death, jokes about it, caresses it, sleeps with it, celebrates it, it is one of his favorite toys and his most steadfast love.

Traces the history of voodooism in Haiti from its origins in Africa; describes vodoo ceremonies, beliefs, and rituals; and offers information on spirits, charms, and magic lamps to attract good fortune.

Mental influence and controlling spell in progress for a client Reconciliation spell to draw two lovers back together By age eight, I was reading and spiritually advising adults in my community. By junior high school, I was working for my community but not for financial remuneration. At that point in beautiful Alabama we were grateful for donations and barter for things like landscaping services and so on. By the age of 18, I was reading and working professionally , and getting paid by friends.

This is wisdom that my Grand Mere spoke to me as a child that I did not understand at the time, but that I now understand as an adult. The wisdom that I obtained traveling through the bayous, fields, and oceans by way of Alabama, Georgia, and Lafayette, Louisiana, and growing up over 13 summers with my Grand Mere, lives and grows within me. I am beyond excited and proud to have discovered that I have these gifts and I will bring my heritage, my wisdom, and my love to my community through my living in my Anointed Purpose.

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This oddity of locution — black people calling their magical practice hoodoo and white people calling it Voodoo, as if by doing so they could convince black folks that rootwork is a West African or Haitian religion — is clearly noted in Zora Neale Hurston’s important book on the subject, “Mules and Men,” published in Hurston was an African American folklorist with a fine ear for dialect who also wrote a book on Haitian Voodoo “Tell My Horse” , so she spoke with authority when she referred to her subject as “Hoodoo, or Voodoo, as it is pronounced by the whites.

Now, it could be argued that Hurston was from Florida and that she preferred the word hoodoo to Voodoo, even though the latter was the more common term in New Orleans — but such an idea can definitely be countered by referring to an interview that Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton, an African American Creole native of New Orleans and a famous jazz musician in his own right gave to the folklorist and musicologist Alan Lomax of the Library of Congress in Morton, who was quite conscious of the recording of the interview and its historical importance, went out of his way to explain many local idioms and turns of speech to Lomax, who was a white man basically ignorant of such matters.

When Morton began describing to Lomax why a multiple murderer in New Orleans was never prosecuted, he interrupted the flow of his own words to explain his terminology to Lomax. I don’t mean with funds, or anything like that.

How to Love a Haitian Man 1. Learn how to cook mayi moulin espina (cornmeal with spinach) Respect for elders is an integral part of Haitian culture and loving a Haitian man means you show respect not only to your family, but to his as well. 5. Learn to speak some Kreyol (Creole).

Haitian Wedding Tradition July 7, 9: Be it the Haiti on Hispaniola or the one in the hearts across the Diaspora, a Haitian wedding tradition permeates through geographical and economic boundaries. The customs set out to usher a new couple into their married life are simple, poignant traditions that are quickly being adopted by people outside the Haitian sphere, while being simultaneously forgotten by those within it.

This is perhaps one of the first differences between other wedding traditions. It is also one of the reasons why the customs are currently mostly practiced within the rural areas, where word of mouth gives an individual access to a wedding celebration. Wedding goers will sprinkle the streets along which a groom will lead his bride to the church. It is a journey she doesn’t make alone, as her bridesmaids often accompany her for the walk. The church is often brightly decorated with colorful swaths of cloth, and the bride takes a seat facing her groom with their maid of honor and best man, respectively, seated beside them.

Behind the groom sits the witnesses, and the entire bridal party signs the marriage certificate as a part of the official ceremony.

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The research uses theories and methods that grew from the same geographical area and historical period. Although reports about mourning and grief have come from many cultures, there is no consensus among bereavement scholars about what concepts explain the most about the ways in which individuals and communities respond to death in different cultures. The question here is: How might scholars develop more cross-cultural concepts of grief and mourning that can describe the thoughts, emotions, interpersonal interactions, myths, and rituals that follow significant deaths in other times and places?

Grief Varies with Culture Cross-cultural study looks outward, seeking an opening to the varieties of cultural expression around the world; but it also looks inward, because an understanding of others can enrich our understanding of our own culture. All people are shaped to some extent by the culture into which they are born.

the Haitian population, and many Africans, argued that HIV/AIDS was created and violent voodoo rituals (Farmer , 3). Farmer large section of the book laying out the heavily detailed history of Haitians dating all the way back to with Christopher Columbus (Farmer , ). Farmer.

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However, the disturbing reality is that voodoo kills people in the U. It is a strong culture, especially in countries such as Haiti where belief in it is widely shared, but unfortunately has some dangerous rules and rituals that the devout occasionally carry out. This list is a collection of seven real life voodoo deaths and injuries, showing that it’s not just child’s play. From horrifying scenes of being burned alive to absurd claims of being cursed, to mad passions masked by voodoo claims, this list has them all.

Feb 20,  · A Haitian voodoo priest went into trance inside a voodoo temple during Day of the Dead celebrations in Belladère, Haiti, last November. will observe the Shinto faith for certain rituals and.

What do I need to know about verbal and non-verbal communications? Haitians use implicitmessages, at times unintentionally, when they communicate. Gesticulations make conversation friendly along with humor. They use touch as a form of friendship when having a conversation. But it is inappropriate to point at someone. As a sign of respect, direct eye contact with elders or people in authority is usually avoided. However, more acculturated Haitians may maintain eye contact during conversation with age peers.

Prolonged eye contact is traditionally considered rude. Educated Haitians speak French with a small number of people speaking English. The majority of the population speaks Haitian Creole Kreyol , a language derived from French.

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Haitian children tend to obedient and respectful. Encourage those in distress over their inability to conduct proper burial rites to contact spiritual leaders for advice on rituals that can calm those culturally specific concerns.

Each culture has its own traditions, rituals and ways of expressing grief and mourning. Understanding Cultural Issues in Death Information for Schools and Crisis Response Teams Schools and crisis response workers in many parts of the country will be helping children cope with the concept of death as a result of the war and concern about terrorism.

Some children are suffering a personal loss. Others will have a heightened fear of death either because they are worried about further attacks or they have family members in the military, active reserves, or public safety roles. Some children may simply be more aware of death and trying to sort through their feelings and thoughts. Most important in working with children in these circumstances is to understand and respect the views and wishes of their family, as well as to involve family members in the process.

It is also important for school personnel and others to understand various cultural and religious perspectives on death so that interventions are appropriate to the cultural context of the children and families being served. Keep in mind that many of the people dealing with death are also dealing with trauma, and that culture impacts trauma reactions as well. Impact of Culture on Trauma Cultural perspectives can shape people’s reaction to a traumatic experience. Influences what type of threat is perceived as traumatic Influences how individuals and communities interpret the meaning of a traumatic event and how they express their reactions to the event Forms a context through which traumatized individuals or communities view and judge their own response May help define healthy pathways to new lives after trauma Observances and Practices of Various Cultures 1.

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Suicide -Hindus should not commit suicide, because it only postpones and intensifies the karma one seeks escape from, requiring several lives to return to the evolutionary point that existed at the moment of suicide. For my part of the presentation, I discussed the voodoo religion, and its specific views about death. Most of the information gathered on this topic was from the internet. It is important to give a bit of background information regarding the religion.

Widely practiced in Haiti the place of its birth , voodoo has migrated with the Haitian people to other parts of the world, with particularly strong communities in New Orleans, Miami, and New York City. The term voodoo is actually the “westernized” name for the religion of hoodo, or vodun.

Dating and Courtship. Though such wedding rituals are broadly inspired by European-Christian customs, particularly British custom, North American weddings these days are often said to have evolved to exist in a world of unique tradition all their own. Canadians from non-Christian or non-European backgrounds often have unique wedding customs.

Haiti’s portion of Hispaniola is significantly more mountainous than the rest of the island, with successive mountain chains running east to west on both peninsulas. The northern Massif du Nord is part of the island’s backbone, which Dominicans call the Cordillera Central. The southern peninsula boasts the Massif de la Hotte and Massif de la Selle. The highest peak, Pic la Selle, is located in the Massif de la Selle and rises to 8, feet 2, meters. The mountains are punctuated by hills and valleys, where most people live and work.

The four main plains include the Central, Northern, Artibonite, and Plaine du Cul-de-Sac which is very close to Haiti’s, Port-au-Prince located on the west side of the island. Most of the trees cover that existed prior to European colonization has been removed due to farming and production of charcoal fuel for cooking. Haiti’s climate is generally warm and only mildly humid. Frost, snow, and ice do not form anywhere—even at the highest elevations; the coldest the temperture can ever be is the low 60’s.

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