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Main characters[ edit ] The principal cast of the first half of the show’s final season from the show’s opening sequence. From left to right: David Boreanaz as Angel 1. He spends most of his time during the series in fighting evil demons, sent on his path by visions from The Powers That Be. Angel’s main motivation for his actions is a quest for redemption for the years he spent without a soul. During this time, he was known as Angelus and became known as “The Scourge of Europe”, as well as “The Demon with the Face of an Angel”, causing death and destruction wherever he went.

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Alonna was the most important person in Charles’ life till that point. The siblings took care of each other while growing up in the “Badlands” a fictional neighborhood in Los Angeles. Alonna is killed in her first appearance in the season 1 episode ” War Zone ” and turned into a vampire. Gunn eventually found Alonna as a vampire and confronted her, but was ultimately forced to stake her with Angel looking on.

Alonna continued to appear in future episodes in Gunn’s memory, flashbacks, and dreams. She was also mentioned in many episodes including season 3’s “That Old Gang of Mine”. It was the death of Alonna that made Gunn receptive to Angel ‘s help and also caused him to drift away from his old crew, as he was tired of seeing his friends “picked off one by one”.

Chanterelle discovers the true nature of vampires when the club is raided by Spike’s bloodthirsty gang, and her life is saved by Buffy Summers. The character reappears in the third season episode ” Anne “, now named “Lily” and in love with a boy called Rickie. Buffy is working as a waitress at a diner under her middle name, “Anne”, after running away to Los Angeles. Lily explains to Buffy she always changes her identity and persona as she moves from place to place.

When Rickie is killed by a group of demons, Buffy and Lily are taken to a hell dimension where humans are worked as slaves. Lily helps Buffy defeat the demons, and afterwards Buffy decides to go home, leaving her job, apartment, and identity as “Anne” to Lily.


He finds that his wife neglected to tell him that he now has a son, 20, and shame Seismologist warns of an impending Now on her own, she races desperately to get her family to safety before the earthquake breaks Los Angeles apart from the mainland. The Legend Ends 97 min. In order to stop him in time, Kenshin trains with his old master to learn his final technique. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened Army sergeant named Wardaddy commands a Sherman tank and his five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines.

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Precognitive visions Cordelia Chase is a fictional character created by Joss Whedon for the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer ; she also appeared on Buffy’s spin-off series, Angel. Portrayed by Charisma Carpenter , the character appears as a series regular in the first three seasons of Buffy , before exiting the show and becoming a series regular during the first four seasons of Angel.

The character made her last television appearance in , appearing as a special guest star in Angel ‘s one hundredth episode. Cordelia also appears in both canonical and apocryphal Buffy and Angel material such as comic books and novels. Cordelia is introduced in ” Welcome to the Hellmouth ” as one of Sunnydale High ‘s popular cheerleaders , attending school alongside vampire slayer Buffy Summers. Through her interactions with Buffy and her friends , she comes to accept the existence of supernatural forces and helps Buffy fight against them.

In the television series Angel , Cordelia joins Angel , a heroic vampire with a soul , in forming a detective agency dedicated to stopping supernatural forces and helping the helpless.


He becomes Earl of Kattegat after he challenges and kills the ruthless Earl Haraldson. He is also a feared warrior, becomes a raider of undiscovered lands, and, eventually, King of Denmark. Despite his reputation for ruthlessness and brutality, he is a curious man prepared to learn about other cultures. Based on the legendary Ragnar Lodbrok. Lagertha[ edit ] Played by Katheryn Winnick seasons 1—present and Mabel Hurley season 5 Lagertha is Ragnar’s first wife and a shieldmaiden.

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Contents [ show ] Synopsis As the members of Angel Investigations reassemble at the hotel offices after their fight with The Beast , Angel tries to contain his rage after seeing Cordelia and Connor make love, while Fred and Gunn reconcile, and Wesley finally decides to break off his passionate, but loveless fling with Lilah. Lilah manages to escape with a little of Wesley’s help while he leads Angel, Gunn, and Fred into the locked-down offices to find Connor which gets worse when all the victims of the Beast become reanimated zombies out to kill.

Angel tells them about the White Room and has Fred over ride the automatic shutdown of the elevators. After a couple of failed attempts, Angel manages to remember the code and they are all transported to the White Room only to find they are too late. The Beast is already there draining energy from little girl conduit.

Angel asks how to get out. She is able to tell them that the answer is among. As The Beast leaves her and starts to advance on the AI team, the little girl transports them all back to the hotel before she dies. In Angel’s office, as she tells him of her relief everyone is ok, Angel reveals he knows she and Connor slept together and orders her to take her new boyfriend and leave.

Episode Guide – Season Thirteen

The Water Diviner 97 min. But when he meets a young girl under the control of ultra-violent Russian gangsters, he can’t stand idly by – he has to help her. Further complicating his situation is his relationship with one of his students.

Unhappy about his loss of revenue the head of the organisation, Puskin (Vladimir Kulich), sends his enforcer Teddy (Marton Csokas) to kill the unknown troublemaker and soon people are killed, things are blown up and body parts end up where they really shouldn’t.

Written by Richard Wenk. Two hours of nonstop bloodshed is, apparently, exactly the right amount to ensure that peace wins out in the end. It works, mind you: But The Equalizer fails to match Man on Fire — a film in which star Denzel Washington plays a character so similar to his one here that it may as well be a direct sequel — in that it never forces us to confront the violence. An eye for an eye, and all that jazz. Is our bloodthirsty craving — not just to see the bad guys die, but to have them meet gruesomely violent ends — justified by the actions committed by the bad guys that spark the protagonist into action?

Not so much here. The one thing working against The Equalizer is a glacial pacing courtesy of director Antoine Fuqua, who somehow stretches out this straightforward B-movie to an unwieldy minute runtime.

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Television[ edit ] Cordelia Chase first appears in the premiere episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, titled ” Welcome to the Hellmouth “. She plays a larger role in the episode ” Out of Mind, Out of Sight “, in which she falls victim to a social outcast who wants revenge on popular students for ignoring her so much that she turned invisible.

In ” Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered “, dating someone of Xander’s social status causes Cordelia’s ostracism from her popular peers and she reluctantly breaks up with him. However, when Xander performs a love spell to pay her back for hurting him, Cordelia realises how much he cares about her and takes him back, rejecting her superficial friends in the process.

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Oct 26,  · McCall kills Slavi, unaware he`s a member of the Russian mob, and its leader, Vladimir Pushkin (Vladimir Kulich), sends his enforcer, Teddy (Marton Csokas), to Boston to eliminate McCall. After evading several assassination attempts, McCall visits fellow retired operatives Brian Plummer (Bill Pullman) and Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo), who help.

He wears an apron, pushes a dolly, directs customers to the lumber aisle and the plumbing fixtures. But, of course, in Antoine Fuqua’s satisfyingly moody action piece, the Home Mart’s polite, watchful team member happens to be played by one of Hollywood’s biggest names, a man of gravitas and cool who won his best-actor Oscar exploring the psyche of a rogue cop in Training Day. Did you catch that flicker in Bob’s eye as he walked past the power tools?

A memory of another, perhaps deadlier use for drill bits? The Equalizer takes its title and core concept – an ex-secret ops guy who did some awful things in his day and now takes it upon himself to help the meek, the mistreated, the victimized, “equalizing” the odds – from the s TV series starring Edward Woodward. The show was set in New York; Fuqua’s quiet, noirish update is in Boston. But there are still plenty of folks who can use McCall’s help. The movie opens innocently enough with McCall alone in his modest apartment, shaving, blending a nutritious smoothie, tidying up, going to work.

At night he makes dinner, tidies up, heads to bed, and awakes like clockwork in the smallest hours of the a. He dresses, walks around to the Bridge Diner, takes the same corner booth, and cracks a book – always a classic.

13th Warrior (1999): Where Are They Now?

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